Use these free downloadable handouts to teach critical media literacy education skills and fuse them with journalistic practices.

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Geoengineering – 2017 CALIFORNIA UV Scientific Paper

…in which geophysicist Marvin Herndon, engineer Ray Hoisington, and pediatrician Mark Whiteside offer groundbreaking research proving geoengineering activity, increased UV radiation, and the emerging planetary consequences of the U.S. of Empire’s full spectrum dominance of “space.”

“The Propaganda Model of News 2.0”

…in which we update Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky’s classic PMON model for the Digital Age.

Our Brains on 21st Century Media.

…in which the most complex living thing in the known universe meets the most powerful media culture the world has ever produced.

The ABCs of Web 2.0 Convergence.

…in which we sketch out how to strategically approach social/digital media platforms for 21st century organizational development.

8 Shifts That Define Our 21st Century Media Culture.

…in which we define eight big shifts that make our digital media culture unique and special.

10 Key Concepts That “Frame” Our 21st Century Media Culture.

…in which we highlight key conceptual language to describe your digital media culture.

The “Propaganda Model of News” – 10 “Filters” That Shape News and Information In Our 21st Century Media Culture.

…in which we update Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman’s classic “propaganda model of news” conceptual model for the digital age, adding five new digitally-focused “filters” to their vital list.

Why Blog? Top Ten Reasons.

…in which we provide a TOP 10 REASONS argument for why blogging matters more than ever.

The Anatomy Of The Web.

…in which we provide a biological metaphor to enable clear conceptual thinking about our digital media culture, and how we as “prosumers” access, use and are used by it.

General Principles of Media Education.

…in which we update the classic principles of critical media literacy education for the digital age.

Techniques of Persuasion.

…in which we provide definitions and illustrations of the 30+ most powerful persuasive techniques used by the world’s most powerful media makers to help turn persuasive propaganda into “tools of analysis.”

The S.E.P.R.I.T.E. Forces That Shape Societies.

…in which we invoke key of historically-focused “forces” that shape all cultures, along with guiding questions for reflection.

Social Media – 10 Action Verbs.

…in which we highlight ten powerful action-oriented approaches toward effective (social) media use in the digital age.

Towards A Story-Driven Communications Strategy – the 6 Ws

…in which we lay out the SIX most important questions to ask in designing a communications plan.

#BlackLivesMatter – Raise A Flag Of Revolution.

…in which UVM public communications students explore #BLM in Burlington on the UVM campus via the doc film. Full film and context here.