“Gun Control” In Vermont’s Green Mountains – Let’s Get Real

Publisher’s Note: Vermont has the most permissive gun laws in the US of Empire, and among the lowest rates of homicide. What gives? Last week, we crunched the numbers on gun deaths in Vermont over six years, with the help… Continue Reading

What Would It Look Like If Vermont Seceded? (VPR/BRAVE LITTLE STATE)

Hmmm, VPR and  “Brave Little State.”  You didn’t really “lean in” here, did you? At least you are beginning to sorta explore the idea. Free Vermont!

BRAVE LITTLE STATE: “What would it look like if Vermont could actually secede from the Union?” (VPR)

Listen in November on VPR for “Brave Little State” as Angela Evancie and her podcast team tackle the most important question of our time for Vermonters confronting a disintegrating US Empire.

What The Frack, Vermont? Rising Tide VT Continues Stalwart Pipeline Opposition

BURLINGTON – Anna Rose of Rising Tide VT is perched on a table next to an LCD projector in the meeting space of the Vermont Workers’ Center, giving a presentation about America’s system of fossil fuel pipelines on a mild… Continue Reading