Beyond Global Climate Talks (Our Geoengineering Age, Part 2)

Publisher’s Note: This is the second installment in our series on geoengineering, the most important and underreported global environmental phenomenon of our time, researched and written by Chelsea Green co-founder Ian Baldwin. Read installment #1 – “Monkey Wrenching Vermont’s Night Sky” –… Continue Reading

Monkey Wrenching Vermont’s Night Sky (OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE, Introduction)

Publisher’s Note: Earth Day 2017 marks the the beginning of our series on geoengineering, the most important and underreported global environmental phenomenon of our time, researched and written by Chelsea Green co-founder Ian Baldwin. Read installment #2 – “Beyond Global Climate… Continue Reading

Project Censored: News Media Checking in at the ICU

A free press is essential to democracy. It writes history, shapes public opinion, and consequentially controls the future. If the people rule the press, they rule themselves. They are able to put whatever or whomever they want on trial—the murderer, the embezzler, the Wall Street execu­tive, even the entire system of government. Continue Reading

Fall of Empire: A Time for Renewal

Early August and already I can feel it. I feel it mostly at the fringes of each day, like a photo with its edges slightly out-of-focus. The mornings are cool now, and darker, and in the evenings I look up from the task at hand to find the sun already dropping behind the Greens and everything disappearing into the wash of night. Fall. Not quite yet, but soon. And winter, inevitably to follow. Continue Reading

Sovereignty and the Money Problem: A New Beginning

In the last several decades many independence movements around the world have been successful and the number of sovereign nations has vastly increased. Have these movements really achieved what they wanted? Or is the goal of political independence a kind of escape valve for aspirations that seek something deeper, something more substantial, than the symbols and trappings of the sovereign state? Continue Reading

Putting the CSA Model to the Test

CSAs have become commonplace in Vermont. It is cool to say that you belong to one and even cooler if you belong to two or more. And, for the most part, farmers in Vermont have done a good job holding up their end of the bargain with Community Supported Agriculture models. So it is easy to forget the concept behind CSAs. Continue Reading

Be Here Now, and in a Thousand Years: Toward A Tree-Crop Culture

It’s not surprising that we still call this continent the “New World.” Relative to the first peoples in America, who have lived here for about 3,000 to 15,000 years, we just got off the boat. And so far we don’t seem intent on staying. We were taught in school that the American Frontier closed in the nineteenth century, yet the same boom-bust cycle has continued into the twenty-first, shifting from the Appalachians, to the Prairie, to the West, to the Rust Belt, to Silicon Valley, and the Sun Belt. Continue Reading

Vermont’s Common Assets: From Banana Republic to Sovereign Commonwealth

Although the term “commonwealth” appears prominently in the Vermont Constitution, what does that mean? We have largely forgot­ten about the notion of “the Commons.” How appropriate then, that Vermont Commons would run a series about the commons. Common sense? Continue Reading