Rules For Revolutionaries: Lessons from Vermont’s Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign (BOOK REVIEW)

Publisher’s Note: Yah, we know. The Clintonistas and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rigged the 2016 Democratic Primaries and stole the presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders. As the Democratic Party continues to implode, even DNC leaders are now openly admitting… Continue Reading

Fish, On: Seeking Vermont’s Mysterious Brook Trout

Everything is calm and quiet in the back wood mountain streams of Stowe, Vermont. The wind cannot reach inside the valley, so the only noise made is the sound of the brook flowing over the rocks, and small waterfalls. The… Continue Reading

Here Comes The Sun: Vermont’s SunCommon Generating Quiet Energy Revolution

In 2011, Vermont released their goal to receive 90% of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2050. As of 2013, the state’s main energy sources came from nuclear, ethanol, and natural gas, none of which can be consumed… Continue Reading

1%FTP: Meet the Vermont-Based Global Network 1% For The Planet

Today, not only are more and more individuals focusing their efforts on environmental issues, but whole universities, cities, and businesses are also beginning to work toward a more sustainable future. The idea behind a sustainable business model is to eliminate… Continue Reading

ReSOURCE Burlington: An #Unlearning Business in the Heart of Vermont’s Queen City

Burlington, Vermont undoubtedly hosts a variety of businesses, many of which encourage rapid and thoughtless consumption. But hidden among name brand retailers and developed shopping centers is a culture of reuse that has thrived in a city that is often… Continue Reading

Cosmetics Surgery: Might Vermont Help Lead The Way?

The toxic chemicals present in cosmetics in the modern day market are harmful to humans and the environment. Despite this knowledge, these chemicals remain unregulated and most consumers are completely unaware of their dangers. Though the US is required to… Continue Reading

We Speak For The Bees! Vermont Hives Up To Address Global Honeybee Crisis

  On Vermont’s Route 7 running north to south, travelers pass farm fields of alfalfa, cows, a single camel (true!), and thousands of bees. Vermont is one many states in the U.S. that maintains an active local network of beekeeping… Continue Reading