Imperial Infrastructure: Why China Is Running Circles Around US (Bu Hao!)

Publisher’s Note: For the moment, the world’s two most powerful 21st century Empires are US and China. We’ve been to western China and witnessed the ambitious “One Belt, One Road” initiative at its launch. Why is it that China can invest… Continue Reading

How The American Empire’s “Propaganda Machine” Gaslights US While “Russia Smearing” Independent News Channels (MINT NEWS / RT)

Publisher’s note: I had the good fortune to meet MINT founder Mnar Muhwesh at a national media conference hosted by Project Censored several months ago, and have been reading MINT ever since. In an Age of Orwellian Doublespeak, MINT’s fierce… Continue Reading

The “Russia Hacked The 2016 US Election” Meme/Hoax (FAKE NEWS)

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels’ favorite persuasive technique? THE BIG LIE. “Russia hacked the 2016 US Election.” Rinse. Repeat. Endlessly. 24/7. For 15 months now. Phony accusations persist – never backed by evidence because none exists. Most Americans are none… Continue Reading

“Strip And Flip” – US Elections are Completely Fucked (DOWN UNDER)

Publisher’s Note: We’ve covered the issue of election integrity in depth over the years. Here’s some new insights from one of our 2VR co-founders currently living overseas. I recently had the privilege to work at a regular election for members… Continue Reading

EU and US Throw Catalonia Under the Bus (SECESSION, NOT AGGRESSION)

Millions of pro-independence Catalans are on their own. Europe turned its back on them, violating fundamental international law, affirming the right of self-determination for all people. Separatist officials blasted EU policy, ignoring the rights of Catalans, silent in the face… Continue Reading

US Announces “Permanent Occupation” of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (FAILED STATES)

Publisher’s note: Since 2005, we’ve been writing about the US Empire and the Pentagon’s plan for “full spectrum dominance” of planet Earth and outer space. Here’s an update – straight from Exxon point man / “Secretary of State” Rex Tillerson’s… Continue Reading

President Trump, Inc. – How Big Business and Neoliberalism Empower Populism and the Far Right (Book Review)

“Donald Trump’s victory is an additional stone in the building of a new world.” – Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National (France) Seldom has the right book come along at just the right time to help discerning readers… Continue Reading