Secede – From What? US of Empire and Plan ‘V” for a 2VR (INDY RADIO)

Always a pleasure yakking with Jim Hogue about Vermont independence on WGDR. Listen here. Free Vermont, and long live the UNtied States!

#Calexit: “Yes California” Independence Campaign Gains Steam

A proposal for California to break away from the United States has been submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office in the state capital. If it qualifies, it could trigger a vote on whether the most populous US state should… Continue Reading

SECESSION Poll: “Do You Support Your State Peacefully Withdrawing from the United States of America and the federal government?” (REUTERS)

Ipsos Poll Conducted for Reuters Session 1.25.2017 These are findings from an Ipsos poll conducted December 6 – January 19, 2017 on behalf Thomson Reuters. For the survey, a sample of roughly 15,333 adults age 18+ from the continental U.S.,… Continue Reading

Plan V: A 2017 Vermont Interdependence Program

In honor of January 2017 – Vermont Independence Month (as declared by the Vermont State Legislature) AND the 240th anniversary of the 1777 founding of the 1st Vermont Republic – we are calling on all Vermonters of good will to… Continue Reading

Sand, Sun, And Secession: Will Catalonia try to secede from Spain this year? (BBC)

80% of Catalonia voters support nonviolent secession and independence from Spain. If the stand-off between the Spanish state and the north-eastern region of Catalonia has been intense for the past five years, 2017 looks set to be explosive. Catalan leader… Continue Reading

The “Nullification” Precedent: How Vermont Can Block Overreaching Federal Power (HISTORY)

Vermonters were up in arms. They believed Congress, by caving in to the Southern slave states, had just struck a deal with the devil. The Vermont Legislature responded quickly and aggressively, passing a state law to make certain federal laws… Continue Reading

Trump’ing the Empire, Kickstarting a 2nd Vermont Republic: Interposition, Nullification, and Secession

Donald J. Trump’s victory has laid bare the U.S. of Empire. Encouraged to run as a “fringe candidate” by the neoliberal Clintonistas (who threw the populist Sanders campaign under their own DNC bus) and manufactured by U.S. “news” media elites,… Continue Reading

“The Mad Farmer, Flying the Flag of Rough Branch, Secedes from the Union,” by Wendell Berry

There is only one of him, but he goes. He returns to the small country he calls home, His own nation small enough to walk across. He goes shadowy into the local woods, And brightly into the local meadows and… Continue Reading