US as Empire (Interactive Map)

We here at The Vermont Independent love a good map. This one – showing all the countries the US of Empire has invaded (1890 – 2014) – is ESPECIALLY interactive, thanks to collaborative hard work done by a number of our… Continue Reading

Renewable Energy Resilience: The Time Is Now, Vermont. (VPSB LETTER)

To The Vermont Public Service Board, The world faces a grave fossil-fuel energy crisis on three broad fronts: (1) Fossil fuels contribute massive amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases directly into the atmosphere, accelerating the global warming crisis. About… Continue Reading

Designing Our Future in a Changing World: An Interview with Ben Falk

Whole Systems Design, Inc., describes its work as “occurring at the inter­face of people and land—where the built and biological environments meet.” Based in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, Whole Systems Design integrates ecology, landscape architecture, site development, construc­tion, farming, education, and other disciplines. Founder Ben Falk holds a master’s degree in landscape design and has taught at the University of Vermont and Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. Vermont Commons editor Rob Williams conducted this interview. Continue Reading