Vermont’s Green Mountain Power Moves Towards Decentralized Energy Grid (New York Times)

We don’t often quote or promote the New York Times, one of the U.S. Empire’s daily propa-newspapers of record, but this feature story in the July 29, 2017 Sunday Times exploring the work of Green Mountain Power is worth a… Continue Reading

US versus Fake News + The Deep State – Are We Ready To Go, Vermont? (CLUSTERFUCK NATION)

Publisher’s note: This past week, mainstream so-called liberal news outlets – NPR, The Nation, and the New York Times among them – have suddenly discovered the “Deep State” in our midst. The term seems to be surfacing everywhere. Here’s Clusterfuck… Continue Reading

Project Censored 2017: News You Can Use

Throughout its 40-year history, Project Censored has covered a lot of ground that the corporate mainstream media has missed. Begun by Carl Jensen, a sociology professor at California’s Sonoma State University shortly after Watergate in 1976, it’s become an endeavor… Continue Reading

The Old Grey Lady/New York Times Perpetuates the Myth About the U.S. of Empire Fighting ISIS, by Stephen Lendman (ANALYSIS)

New York Times articles, commentaries and editorials feature all propaganda all the time, managed news misinformation rubbish and Big Lies, suppressing hard truths on issues mattering most – especially on war and peace. It notoriously supports US imperial lawlessness, in… Continue Reading