Vermonter Bill McKibben Wins “2VR – Vermont Secessionist of the Year 2018” Award! (VI Press Release)

Sunday, April 1, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Bill McKibben Awarded “2VR – Vermont Secessionist of the Year!” Vermont Environmentalist, Activist, and Author Wins “2VR – Vermont Secessionist of the Year 2018” Award from Vermont Independent. Environmentalist, founder, and author… Continue Reading


Most Likely to Secede: What the Vermont Independence Movement Can Teach Us about Reclaiming Community and Creating a Human-Scale Vision for the 21st Century by Ron Miller and Rob Williams, co-editors GOODREADS Review by Chris Brimmer Feb 06, 2017 bookshelves:… Continue Reading

Merry, Merry! Vermont Independence Merch for Holidays 2016!

Purchase your 2VR flags, stickers, coins, books, passports and other merchandise at our STORE. Long live the 2nd Vermont Republic and the UNtied States of America!  

Vermont’s Howard Dean Hints At Secession and a 2nd Vermont Republic

We passed on a copy of our Most Likely To Secede book to Democratic Party stalwart, 2004 presidential candidate, and DP super-delegate Howard Dean one year ago, when he visited Burlington’s University of Vermont to spend a day with the… Continue Reading

Be Here Now, and in a Thousand Years: Toward A Tree-Crop Culture

It’s not surprising that we still call this continent the “New World.” Relative to the first peoples in America, who have lived here for about 3,000 to 15,000 years, we just got off the boat. And so far we don’t seem intent on staying. We were taught in school that the American Frontier closed in the nineteenth century, yet the same boom-bust cycle has continued into the twenty-first, shifting from the Appalachians, to the Prairie, to the West, to the Rust Belt, to Silicon Valley, and the Sun Belt. Continue Reading

When the Ecofads Fade, Ditch the Carbon- Footprint Calculator and Pick up a Shovel

2010: a few decades into the Green Dream. Sometime in the latter half of the twentieth century, upwardly mobile, socially conscious, academi­cally educated professionals—those who could afford to—began to drive the commercialization of products and services that were healthier, less cruel, and more conserving of natural and cultural resources. The intent behind this movement was, and is, well-meaning. It grew out of an increased awareness of the destruction wrought by global consumerism and has sought to change that; in the words of the movement itself, to “make the world a better place through conscious consumption.” People set out to reverse the course of destruction wrought by consumerism, through a different type of consumerism. Continue Reading

Left and Right: An Introduction to Decentralism

Throughout human history, there has been a persistent yearning among ordinary peoples to live under comprehensible social, political, and economic conditions that afforded them shared customs and memories, agreed-upon standards of right behavior, recognized status, security against brigandage and invasion, and reasonable prospects for achieving economic security. Continue Reading