The Future of Vermont Agriculture (LIVE on WGDR)

WGDR radio host, Ethan Allen impersonator, and 2VR champion Jim Hogue talks with former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Roger Albee about the future of Vermont agriculture – diversified ag, hemp, cannabis, and beyond. Take a listen, and happy high summer… Continue Reading

Ganja’preneurialism: How Can Cannabis Benefit Vermont?

Publisher’s note: While the Vermont House of Representatives dickers over cannabis legalization and regulation here in the once and future Vermont republic, ganja’preneurs like Eli Harrington are helping us imagine the economic possibilities. Read on. There’s no debate or doubt… Continue Reading

Breaking News! Vermont Secedes from the U.S. Empire

In surprise move, Vermont quietly and peacefully seceded from the U.S. of Empire overnight, declaring Bernie Sanders our newly-elected interim president until a qualified WOMAN is found to fill the position (it shouldn’t take long). The state legislature declares the… Continue Reading