Beyond Global Climate Talks (Our Geoengineering Age, Part 2)

Publisher’s Note: This is the second installment in our series on geoengineering, the most important and underreported global environmental phenomenon of our time, researched and written by Chelsea Green co-founder Ian Baldwin. Read installment #1 – “Monkey Wrenching Vermont’s Night Sky” –… Continue Reading

Kong: Confronting The Gorilla In The Room (CELLULOID SECESSIONIST)

It is tempting to dismiss “Kong: Skull Island” as nothing more than hairy action-adventure mind candy for the movie-going masses. All criteria are in play. Mysterious cloud-enshrouded island? Check. Giant CGI-inspired gorilla? Double check. Inevitable helicopter/monkey confrontation? Roger that. Guns,… Continue Reading

GeoEngineering, “Solar Radiation Management,” And The Secret Spraying Of Our Skies (#SOS)

Publisher’s Note: One year ago this month, the Vermont Independent began a systematic investigation into what we now believe to be the most important and most under-reported global environmental story of our time – the secret “geoengineering” of our skies.… Continue Reading

Win $500 for Photographing Chemtrails: Brattleboro, Vermont’s “Reluctant Activist” Sponsors Sky-Watching Contest

The Reluctant Activist is pleased to announce the only photo contest of its kind in America. Beginning May 1 thru June 30th, 2016) The Reluctant Activist will be accepting (JPEG/JPG only) untouched amateur Chemtrail photos. Contest Rules 1. all submittals… Continue Reading