“Strip And Flip” – US Elections are Completely Fucked (DOWN UNDER)

Publisher’s Note: We’ve covered the issue of election integrity in depth over the years. Here’s some new insights from one of our 2VR co-founders currently living overseas. I recently had the privilege to work at a regular election for members… Continue Reading

Trump and #Vexit – A Decentralist Perspective

Trump is a decentralist dream. Let’s hope he succeeds in destroying the federal government. Then we can start over where the Articles of Confederation left off before they were replaced by the US Constitution in 1788. “Progressives” who are in… Continue Reading

Bern’ing Up “Socialism” – One Vermonter Weighs In From Down Under

This whole Bernie thing has got people debating about what socialism is. Is it New Deal liberalism? Scandinavian welfare statism? State communism? Or what? Let me simplify it for you. Socialism is basically anything run by or paid for by… Continue Reading

Vermont Public Banking: WGDR’s Jim Hogue interviews Gary Flomenhoft and John Ford

Listen to WGDR radio host Jim Hogue discuss the Vermont public banking initiative with John Ford and Gary Flomenhoft. As we’ve said since 2005, Vermont independence won’t happen until we establish financial independence for our once and future Vermont republic.… Continue Reading

Vermont’s Common Assets: From Banana Republic to Sovereign Commonwealth

Although the term “commonwealth” appears prominently in the Vermont Constitution, what does that mean? We have largely forgot­ten about the notion of “the Commons.” How appropriate then, that Vermont Commons would run a series about the commons. Common sense? Continue Reading