Ethan Allen – In His Own Words (CCTV + Jim Hogue)

Thanks to the indefatigable Jim Hogue and our friends at CCTV for presenting this Ethan Allen Homestead presentation “Ethan Allen – In His Own Words.” Enjoy. Free Vermont, and long live the UNtied States!

Vermont Indy Media Alive And Well! (Jim Hogue/WGDR)

Actor, historian, and multimedia journalist Jim Hogue continues to provide cutting-edge news and information for independently-minded Vermonters in all manner of ways. Here’s his two latest WGDR news shows, featuring in-depth interviews with Alexandra Bruce and Bill Bergman, as well as… Continue Reading

Should “Brexit” be followed by an “Irexit”?

Vermonters have many reasons to take interest in the current affairs of our friends across the Atlantic – specifically in the small island nation of Ireland. Historically, Vermont’s Irish connection couldn’t be any closer. Our very own Ethan Allen was once captured by British forces and taken across the ocean to be imprison in Cork, Ireland which, at that time, was still under British rule. Continue Reading

Rebecca Hougher On Sovereignty, Secession and Independence

Join WGDR radio’s Jim Hogue for a provocative interview with Rebecca Hougher exploring personal sovereignty, state secession, and independence.

Vermont Independence on the Vermont RADIO Airwaves

Thanks to WGDR radio host Jim Hogue for hosting us last week for a wide-ranging 90 minute conversation on the past, present, and future of Vermont independence. In addition, we discussed the U.S. as an imperial project, the Deep State,… Continue Reading