Trump and #Vexit – A Decentralist Perspective

Trump is a decentralist dream. Let’s hope he succeeds in destroying the federal government. Then we can start over where the Articles of Confederation left off before they were replaced by the US Constitution in 1788. “Progressives” who are in… Continue Reading

Wall Street = Empire: The Bankruptcy of the US Two-Party System (Michael Hudson)

Publisher’s Note: Independent economist and author Michael Hudson is one of the most astute observers of our US imperial condition. Here, he dissects the last year of imperial presidential politics (i.e. kabuki theater), concluding that the Wall Street/CIA/Deep State complex trundles on.… Continue Reading

Welcome to the US of Empire’s PSYOPS Warfare: F2F Democratic Decision-Making Is Our Only Option, Vermont.

Publisher’s note: This new eye-opening article from The Guardian, which we excerpt here, spotlights billionaire Robert Mercer’s funding of both Donald Trump’2 2016 presidential run ($13.5 million) and his support of Cambridge Analytica, a strategic communications company that claims to have… Continue Reading

“Deep State”/Deep Dive: Why Vermont Independence Matters Now More Than Ever (INSURGE INTELLIGENCE)

Thanks to Vermont Independent-supported indy journalist Nafeez Ahmed for his deep dive into the “Deep State,” and how a war within the Deep State between varying factions spawned the Trump’ocrats. The larger problem, of course, is four decades of Deep… Continue Reading


Publisher’s note: Please contact Charlotte, Vermont citizen Susan Ohanian at if you would like more information or to get involved in this initiative. Town Meeting offers an opportunity for Vermonters to bring the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution to… Continue Reading

Vermont Senate Committee Advances Bill NULLIFYING Federal Law Within Vermont Borders (NULLIFICATION)

Publisher’s note: Good to see Vermont’s elected representatives of all three parties united in this effort. A  bill crafted in response to executive orders signed by President Donald Trump on immigration is expected to be on the Senate floor next… Continue Reading

Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott Critiques Trump’s Muslim Ban (NULLIFICATION?)

OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM GOVERNOR PHIL SCOTT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER RESTRICTING IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT 29 January 2017 Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement: “As I said when the President’s Executive Order was first… Continue Reading

The Madness of King Donald and the Catabolic Collapse of US: Three Paramount Questions

Less than a week into the Trump Administration, I find myself incapable of remaining silent as I move through the blogosphere and social media where individuals aware of catabolic collapse, that is to say, the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt… Continue Reading