From #BernieBros to #PutinPuppets – The “#RussiaHackedThe2016Election Meme Mutates, Again (FAKE NEWS)

So, now, according to “US Special Counsel Robert Mueller,” the 2016 US presidential campaigns of insurgent Democrat/Vermonter Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are both tarred with the brush of “Russian meddling.” #MemeMutation = rinse, wash, repeat, and… Continue Reading

The Post (Truth) World: When “Freedom of the Press” Becomes Hollywood Propaganda (CELLULOID SECESSIONIST)

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” – A.J. Liebling, U.S. journalist For decades, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg has served as the feel-good Frank Capra of our time, polishing tarnished historical truths into shiny happy… Continue Reading

“RUSSIA GATE (?) UPDATE” – CNN and MSNBC continue “FAKE NEWS” fiasco (#ShitWeMakeUp)

When will MSNBC and CNN stop reporting on the tired old unproven “Russia Hacked The 2016 Election” meme and spotlight real issues – the imminent demise of Net Neutrality, the grotesque “Republican tax cut” plan, ongoing geoengineering of our skies,… Continue Reading

“Deep State” Google’plex Hires Army Of 10,000 Censors (2VR v. PANOPTICON)

                      Deep State’s Google to appoint staff of 10,000 to weed out ‘extremist’ content on YouTube | 04 Dec 2017 | Google plans to increase to 10,000 the number of… Continue Reading

Russia Hack, Sockpuppets, and U.S. Secession Efforts (MEDIUM ANALYSIS)

Publisher’s Note: While Deep State elements, the CIA, and corporate conservative Democrats continue to flog the “Russia Hacked The 2016 Election In Favor Of Trump” meme, and mainstream Dems attempt to link the “Bernie Bros” meme to Russian cyberhackers, Medium… Continue Reading


Join our Project Censored colleagues Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips for a deep dive via KPFA podcast into the “Deep State” with long-time political researchers Peter Dale Scott and David Talbot. And if you are not subscribed to KPFA “Project… Continue Reading

Wall Street = Empire: The Bankruptcy of the US Two-Party System (Michael Hudson)

Publisher’s Note: Independent economist and author Michael Hudson is one of the most astute observers of our US imperial condition. Here, he dissects the last year of imperial presidential politics (i.e. kabuki theater), concluding that the Wall Street/CIA/Deep State complex trundles on.… Continue Reading

“Deep State”/Deep Dive: Why Vermont Independence Matters Now More Than Ever (INSURGE INTELLIGENCE)

Thanks to Vermont Independent-supported indy journalist Nafeez Ahmed for his deep dive into the “Deep State,” and how a war within the Deep State between varying factions spawned the Trump’ocrats. The larger problem, of course, is four decades of Deep… Continue Reading