Trump and #Vexit – A Decentralist Perspective

Trump is a decentralist dream. Let’s hope he succeeds in destroying the federal government. Then we can start over where the Articles of Confederation left off before they were replaced by the US Constitution in 1788. “Progressives” who are in… Continue Reading

The Retro Future, by John Michael Greer (BOOK REVIEW)

“’Progress’ is just a label for whatever choices happen to have been made by governments and corporations, with or without input from the rest of us.” – John Michael Greer Of the various thinkers and observers whose work helps us… Continue Reading

Designing a 2nd Vermont Republic: Our New Plan “V” Pamphlet!

Plan “V” – Designing a 2nd Vermont Republic (2VR) The case for an UNtied States and a 2nd Vermont Republic (2VR), in 5,000 words. The perfect short primer for 2VR newbies, and a “must” for any 2VR champion’s literary collection.… Continue Reading


In the early stages of the industrial revolution, it wasn’t clear whether the main source of power would be water wheels or steam engines. The advantage of the former was a cost-free renewable source of energy, and indeed hundreds of… Continue Reading

Vermont Independence Merch – 2 for 1 sale through July 7! Happy Vermont Independence Day!

Decentralists! Support the 2VR: Second Vermont Republic!   “2 for 1” SALE on all Vermont independence merch – flags, stickers, passports, and books – to celebrate Vermont independence week! This includes our new 2VR/Plan V sticker.   Now through July… Continue Reading

“Shwag Bag Of Doom” – Welcome to “Cluster Fuck Nation.”

Publisher’s note: We’ve channeled JH Kunstler since our first issue of Vermont Commons back in 2005. “The problems facing the U.S. of Empire,” he notes here, “are unfixable.”  The mystery is at last revealed: why does the field of candidates… Continue Reading