#MAGA Insanity Is US: Matt Taibbi’s Insane Clown President (BOOK REVIEW)

How did the United States end up with President Donald J. Trump? Insane Clown Posse, Matt Taibbi’s brilliant new book (watch MT’s interview with Chris Hedges), details the insanity. If you are new to Taibbi’s writing, brace yourself. The long-time Rolling Stone journalist writes in… Continue Reading

Flagging Resistance: Vermont Coast Guard Veteran, Progressive, Farmer in Ryegate Town To Fly GMB Flag Beginning On Trump’s Inauguration Day – Friday, January 20th (INTERVIEW)

“I hope to see these flags flying all over the state,” says Chris Brimmer. In fact, I would like to see Vermont re-adopt it.” Join the Resistance! Purchase your GMB flags at Vermont’s Stove and Flag Works in Montpelier and… Continue Reading

Vermont Declares Annual October 2nd Monday “Indigenous People’s Day”

Baby steps – here in the once and future Republic of Vermont. Read Governor Shumlin’s official proclamation here.

From “Brexit” to “Vexit” – The Twin Myths of Cosmopolitanism and Efficiency, from an Independent Vermont

Thanks to THE ATLANTIC and POLITICO for reporting on Plan V – our blueprints for a 2nd Vermont Republic – in the wake of the Brexit. Indeed, a “Vexit” is an idea we’ve been championing since 2004, and unlike some… Continue Reading

Vermont Independence Merch – 2 for 1 sale through July 7! Happy Vermont Independence Day!

Decentralists! Support the 2VR: Second Vermont Republic!   “2 for 1” SALE on all Vermont independence merch – flags, stickers, passports, and books – to celebrate Vermont independence week! This includes our new 2VR/Plan V sticker.   Now through July… Continue Reading