US Empire Collapse and a 2nd Vermont Republic: 7 Ways To Prepare (MEDIUM)

Publisher’s Note: Good advice here, as we in the Green Mountains confront US imperial collapse and the reinvention of Vermont as an independent republic once again. 1. Nourish your relationships. That friend you haven’t called in a decade? That cousin… Continue Reading

Savage Grace: Living Resiliently In The Dark Night Of The Globe (BOOK REVIEW)

Savage Grace sits on my nightstand warding off the 2 am fears about climate change, politics, the economy, religion, species extinction and mass shootings. On the cover of Savage Grace is Kali, the Hindu goddess of life and death, of… Continue Reading

The Retro Future, by John Michael Greer (BOOK REVIEW)

“’Progress’ is just a label for whatever choices happen to have been made by governments and corporations, with or without input from the rest of us.” – John Michael Greer Of the various thinkers and observers whose work helps us… Continue Reading

The Madness of King Donald and the Catabolic Collapse of US: Three Paramount Questions

Less than a week into the Trump Administration, I find myself incapable of remaining silent as I move through the blogosphere and social media where individuals aware of catabolic collapse, that is to say, the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt… Continue Reading

How the FBI creates “terrorists” in the U.S. of Empire

In this disturbing new TED Talk published yesterday, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson details how the FBI manufactures “terrorists” in the United States of Empire by preying on mentally ill and unstable Arab American men. A “must watch” for any thoughtful… Continue Reading