Green Mountain CBD – Vermont Cannabis Use Continues To Expand

Publisher’s Note: From our friends at Green State Gardener. We’re excited to bring you the finest quality hemp-derived CBD product, grown and processed here in Vermont using organic and natural methods. Every batch is lab-tested to ensure quality and consistency,… Continue Reading

Vermont’s Cannabis Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities for Legalization

The Vermont Agency of Transportation recently released — and the Brattleboro Reformer recently reported – a bombshell of a statistic: “Deaths on Vermont roads have increased by 68 percent in the first six months of 2016, compared to the same… Continue Reading

Ganja’preneurialism: How Can Cannabis Benefit Vermont?

Publisher’s note: While the Vermont House of Representatives dickers over cannabis legalization and regulation here in the once and future Vermont republic, ganja’preneurs like Eli Harrington are helping us imagine the economic possibilities. Read on. There’s no debate or doubt… Continue Reading

Breaking News! Vermont Secedes from the U.S. Empire

In surprise move, Vermont quietly and peacefully seceded from the U.S. of Empire overnight, declaring Bernie Sanders our newly-elected interim president until a qualified WOMAN is found to fill the position (it shouldn’t take long). The state legislature declares the… Continue Reading

Vermont, Cannabis, and “Exceptionalism,” by Eli Harrington (OP/ED)

  Publisher’s note: Read the Vermont Cannabis Collaborative (VTCC)’s entire “What Cannabis Can Do For Vermont” report – legalize, regulate, tax, derive benefits – online at their web site. A letter in the Mountain Times of Killington (Vermont “exceptionalism” is naive) reveals… Continue Reading