From #BernieBros to #PutinPuppets – The “#RussiaHackedThe2016Election Meme Mutates, Again (FAKE NEWS)

So, now, according to “US Special Counsel Robert Mueller,” the 2016 US presidential campaigns of insurgent Democrat/Vermonter Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are both tarred with the brush of “Russian meddling.” #MemeMutation = rinse, wash, repeat, and… Continue Reading

The Unbearable Lightness of…Bernie (#FEELTHEBERN’s MOMENT OF TRUTH)

Regular readers of VI know we don’t spend too much time covering the kabuki theater that passes for “2 party politics” in the United States of Empire. And yet, here in the once and future Republic of Vermont, we live… Continue Reading

Vermont’s Bernie Sanders: “Sheepdog” for US Empire (Black Agenda Report)

“The United States is the imperial superpower, the main military aggressor on the planet. Its rulers must be deprived of the political ability to spend trillions on war, and to kill millions, or they will always use the ‘necessity’ of… Continue Reading

Wall Street = Empire: The Bankruptcy of the US Two-Party System (Michael Hudson)

Publisher’s Note: Independent economist and author Michael Hudson is one of the most astute observers of our US imperial condition. Here, he dissects the last year of imperial presidential politics (i.e. kabuki theater), concluding that the Wall Street/CIA/Deep State complex trundles on.… Continue Reading


Publisher’s Note: Thanks to for continuing to ask important questions about 2016 presidential candidate and “Our Revolution” 501c4 founder Bernie Sanders.  Here is political columnist Jon Margolis’ article from today’s online news journal. So Bernie and Jane Sanders have… Continue Reading

#FeelTheBern(?!): Did Vermont’s Bernie Sanders Actually Win The 2016 Democratic Primary?

And why have we not heard a PEEP from the Sanders campaign, given ElectionJusticeUSA’s new 100 page report compiling evidence of massive election fraud during the 2016 Democratic primaries, as well as the 20,000 leaked emails Wikileaks publicized last month providing… Continue Reading

S is for “Sheepdog,” and Democracy Is Bern’ing.

Let’s be honest. We all knew Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign would come to this. And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter either way, as we published last November. S is for Sheepdog. Free Vermont!

Vermont’s Howard Dean Hints At Secession and a 2nd Vermont Republic

We passed on a copy of our Most Likely To Secede book to Democratic Party stalwart, 2004 presidential candidate, and DP super-delegate Howard Dean one year ago, when he visited Burlington’s University of Vermont to spend a day with the… Continue Reading