LEAPing Into Vermont’s Future (ENERGY RESILIENCE)

The Vermont Independent visited the 11th annual Local Energy Action Partnership (LEAP) spring energy fair in Waterbury, Vermont this week-end. With every solar panel deployed, electric vehicle purchased, and weatherization program implemented – we Vermonters are moving away from a… Continue Reading


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CITIZENS BYPASS LEGISLATURE, CONVENE COMMISSION FOR PUBLIC BANK MARCH 6, 1:30 PM ROOM 10, VERMONT STATE HOUSE CONTACT: Kenneth Martel, kenneth.martel@greenmtn.edu, (802) 552-0535 A few key members of the Vermont legislature have been less than enthusiastic about… Continue Reading

Trump’s New Muslim Ban versus Vermont’s New Syrian Refugee Program: Time For Nullification?

Updated Links: Vermont attorney general T.J. Donovan announces task force to study impact of Trump executive order. Kudos to VtDigger for covering the impact of Mr. Trump’s new ban on Muslim refugees entering the United States here in our Green… Continue Reading

“Need To Secede?”: The Reluctant Republic, the Breakdown of Secession, and a 2VR

The founding of a nation-state must decide where its powers belong. In a nation where the dichotomy of centralization and decentralization proponents exists it is confronted with black or white propositions that actually create shades of gray tugging on both… Continue Reading

The End Of The Republic And The Delusion Of Empire (BOOK REVIEW)

From our colleagues at Global Research: Very few public intellectuals pull no punches in their analyses of world affairs.  James Petras is one of them.  Possessed of a brilliant and capacious mind that grasps global events in a comprehensive and… Continue Reading

We Speak For The Bees! Vermont Hives Up To Address Global Honeybee Crisis

  On Vermont’s Route 7 running north to south, travelers pass farm fields of alfalfa, cows, a single camel (true!), and thousands of bees. Vermont is one many states in the U.S. that maintains an active local network of beekeeping… Continue Reading