“El Intermedio” Covers Vermont Independence and US Secession Movements (SPANISH TV)

We had an opportunity in September to talk with Spanish TV news reporter Guillermo Fesser of “El Intermedio” about the 2nd Vermont Republic and our Plan ‘V’ proposal for his story about US secession efforts across the country. We even… Continue Reading

Catalans Choose Independence from Fascist Spain (SECESSION REFERENDUM)

Sunday was a day to remember, a remarkable display of people power, overwhelmingly choosing independence from despotic Madrid governance by a resounding 90% majority – despite state-sponsored violence unleashed against them. Catalonia’s government said “(o)ut of the 2,262,424 ballots that… Continue Reading

Free Catalonia – the October 1, 2017 Referendum (Q AND A)

    Publisher’s Note: As the Spanish government takes increasingly aggressive steps to prevent Catalonia from exercising its right to vote on peaceable secession and sovereignty for its people, the Vermont Independent spoke with Alexia Salva, a Catalan student studying… Continue Reading

Project Censored – Real Info About Fake News (KPFA)

Our annual autumn reminder to our Vermont Independent readers to subscribe to Project Censored’s weekly radio broadcast on Berkeley, California’s KPFA. Podcast available here. And be sure to access, use, and share all of our VT-LIT critical media literacy education… Continue Reading

How Has The Geology Of Vermont Affected Its Character? (BRAVE LITTLE STATE)

From metamorphic rock to the Ice Age to rich agricultural soil to “farmer power” to successful passage of a progressive income tax – all in 30 minutes, with New Hampshire as a foil. Jeezum Crow – this is radio at… Continue Reading

YES CALIFORNIA STATEMENT on Catalonia’s October 1 Independence Referendum (PAIN IN SPAIN)

In response to recent events by the Spanish Government to interfere with the upcoming independence referendum scheduled in Catalonia for October 1, 2017, the California Calexit Campaign released the following statement: “Spain as a member of the United Nations and… Continue Reading

Wind River: Winter On The US Rez (FILM REVIEW)

“Wind River” is one of 2017’s most powerful films – unflinchingly intense and beautiful to behold, a poignant and provocative thriller that is equal parts murder mystery, social commentary, and melancholy meditation on family, love, and loss. Written and directed… Continue Reading