How The American Empire’s “Propaganda Machine” Gaslights US While “Russia Smearing” Independent News Channels (MINT NEWS / RT)

Publisher’s note: I had the good fortune to meet MINT founder Mnar Muhwesh at a national media conference hosted by Project Censored several months ago, and have been reading MINT ever since. In an Age of Orwellian Doublespeak, MINT’s fierce commitment to independent journalism is inspiring.

Here’s a sample – Caitlin Johnstone’s brilliant analysis on gaslighting, using the official US Empire’s Syria narrative as a case study. 

With a link to an insightful article by Vanessa Beeley, who gets some props for contextualizing “gaslighting” as a very real phenomenon based on a Hollywood movie from back in the day.

Read these closely.

More truth in their reporting than a year of official NYT Syria coverage.

Meanwhile, under the century-old Espionage Act, independent news organizations like RT/Russia Today, featuring Pulitzer Prize winning US journalists like Chris Hedges (who quit the New York Times before they asked him to resign for his outspoken criticism of the US invasion of Iraq), are now required to carry “who funds us” sub headings under their programs. See below.

Maybe we should require this of ALL US “news”organizations?

That would be a GAME changer.

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