Our Geoengineering Age (OGA)

Welcome to “Our Geoengineering Age,” an ongoing research project spearheaded by Chelsea Green and Vermont Commons co-founder Ian Baldwin and Vermont Commons co-founder and Vermont Independent publisher Rob Williams. In addition to links to the first 8 parts of our series, we’ve included embedded photos below which display active geoengineering activity in the skies over Vermont. Consider the multi-part time stamped series from October 2, 2017 captured by professional photographer David Garten, clearly illuminating the presence of “chemtrails” and cloud brightening/solar radiation management (SRM) activity over Vermont’s Mad River Valley. This is not the activity of ordinary commercial aircraft, but rather, an active, secret, ongoing effort to alter the geophysical makeup of our sky commons.

Find links to all of Baldwin’s serialized articles below. Read on…

Installment #1 – “Monkey Wrenching Vermont’s Night Sky.”

Installment #2 – “Beyond Global Climate Talks.”

Installment #3 – “The Sorcerer’s Apprentices at Play at the Dawn of the Geoengineering Age.”

Installment #4 – “Secrecy and Geoengineering as a Weapon as a War.”

Installment #5 – “Is Global Warming Good Or Bad? That Depends On Who You Ask.”

Installment #6 – “Origins of the ‘Climate Change’ Threat to National Security – and the Geoengineering Response.”

Installment #7 – “The Geoengineering Prospect – Full Spectrum Dominance.”