Geoengineering, For Real?! The Latest Research, Revealed (OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE)

Publisher’s Note: This important story shared via email by Vermont geoengineering lead researcher and writer Ian Baldwin. See link below for access to Baldwin’s 8 part series entitled “Our Geoengineering Age.” And take a good close read of this new scientific paper.

Click here to access and read a new breakthrough geoengineering paper by geophysicist Marvin Herndon, pediatrician Mark Whiteside, and engineer Ray Hoisington. Hoisington measured UV radiation in northern California for one year ending January 2018—a total of 2,600 measurements. These measurements show that contrary to current “scientific” consensus/understanding, UV-C is, in fact, reaching the surface of Earth, as is much-larger than purported levels of UV-B, and both types of UV bring with them devastating implications for the entire biosphere.

The gist? The geoengineering shenanigans of the U.S. MIC [military-industrial complex] overhead is destroying the ozone layer and this destruction is not being reported—a silent gag order on all scientists (most of whom are funded by the same MIC).

The REAL kicker came when Herndon unearthed a 2007 NASA paper that showed entirely parallel measurement results for UV in the Andes, data that NASA let slide under the rug (for obvious reasons). Only one of the multiple authors of the 2007 NASA paper was still working at NASA when Marvin tried to track it down, a certain Lynn Rothschild. And she refused to cooperate. Then Marvin had another stroke of luck and found the lead author, now retired in Spain. This man was happy to cooperate and gave Marvin permission to use and compare the 2007 NASA data with the 2017 California data.

As a result, the Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science has accepted and today published the paper. It is frankly sensational, as it powerfully indicates the science community at large must step up and invalidate the two sets of measurements by conducting independent studies, or end up validating them and creating an environmental and public health furor—a global shitstorm the power elite will have to contain, or twist into another invented tale for the need for more techno-power centralization.

A thoroughly uninvited and onerous task.

Herndon, Whiteside, and Hoisington are issuing a press release aimed at the world scientific community, including journalists and media, on Monday, April 2nd, including 1,000 UN people at WMO, WHO and elsewhere in that labyrinth of miscreants.

If you all haven’t yet read Elana Freeland’s latest book, Under An Ionized Sky, you must, as it is the most informed and comprehensive exposé of the militarist-scientific culture that is weaponizing not only the weather (the troposphere) but the stratosphere, the ionosphere and the magnetosphere (in a word – “space”) in order to have full spectrum dominance not only over “adversaries,” but over all citizens. I cannot overstress the importance of gaining at least a foothold on the terrifying landscape Elana tenaciously delineates.

We all need this big picture, as we organize to save our Sky Commons and support the creation of a 2nd Vermont Republic.

Read researcher Ian Baldwin’s 8 installment “Our Geoengineering Age” series here.




2VR is a citizen movement committed to restoring Vermont to an independent republic, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by the demands of an imperial, corrupt and disintegrating United States.

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