The “Secession Impulse” Is Alive and Well in US Cities and States (KIRKPATRICK SALE)

Publisher’s Note: Kirkpatrick Sale is our preeminent thinker on decentralism, and the founder of the Middlebury Institute, which organized in Middlebury, Vermont in November 2004. In this new OP/ED, he connects the dots on progressively-minded cities and states defying federal… Continue Reading

Pentagon Announces US Empire Is “Collapsing” (Insurge Intelligence)

It’s official. The Pentagon announced this summer that the US Empire is “collapsing.” Their solution to this troublesome news? Surprise! “More surveillance, more propaganda (‘strategic manipulation of perceptions’) and more military expansionism.” The document above makes for eye-opening reading, taking… Continue Reading

The Future of Vermont Agriculture (LIVE on WGDR)

WGDR radio host, Ethan Allen impersonator, and 2VR champion Jim Hogue talks with former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Roger Albee about the future of Vermont agriculture – diversified ag, hemp, cannabis, and beyond. Take a listen, and happy high summer… Continue Reading

2VR Co-Sponsors Vermont “Kerrigan’s Army” Harriers In Andorra @ World Youth Sky Running Championships (SISTER REPUBLICS)

Excerpt – “Vermont is the only state in the US that once existed as its own republic (1777-1791). Andorra has remained as an independent republic, despite pressures to join the countries of Spain and France, for over one thousand years.… Continue Reading

Trump and #Vexit – A Decentralist Perspective

Trump is a decentralist dream. Let’s hope he succeeds in destroying the federal government. Then we can start over where the Articles of Confederation left off before they were replaced by the US Constitution in 1788. “Progressives” who are in… Continue Reading

Designing a 2nd Vermont Republic: Our New Plan “V” Pamphlet!

Plan “V” – Designing a 2nd Vermont Republic (2VR) The case for an UNtied States and a 2nd Vermont Republic (2VR), in 5,000 words. The perfect short primer for 2VR newbies, and a “must” for any 2VR champion’s literary collection.… Continue Reading

Towards a 2nd Vermont Republic – “The Gods of the Empire Are Not The Gods Of Vermont!”

More and more forward-thinking folks are asking us HOW to create a 2VR. Here are eight ways to support RESISTANCE and RESILIENCE in your Vermont neighborhood, and bring about the 2nd Vermont Republic.  Sign and circulate our 2VR petition. Donate… Continue Reading

Is “Global Warming” Good or Bad? That Depends on Whom You Ask. (OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE, PART 5)

Publisher’s Note: This is the fifth installment in our series on geoengineering. Our skies are our most visible and vital global Commons, and they are under siege by powerful forces we are just beginning to understand. Our Geoengineering Age series tells… Continue Reading