Secede – From What? US of Empire and Plan ‘V” for a 2VR (INDY RADIO)

Always a pleasure yakking with Jim Hogue about Vermont independence on WGDR. Listen here. Free Vermont, and long live the UNtied States!

Trump’s New Muslim Ban versus Vermont’s New Syrian Refugee Program: Time For Nullification?

Updated Links: Vermont attorney general T.J. Donovan announces task force to study impact of Trump executive order. Kudos to VtDigger for covering the impact of Mr. Trump’s new ban on Muslim refugees entering the United States here in our Green… Continue Reading

Fascism, Neoliberalism, and the U.S. “Deep State”–>Hiding In Plain Sight (BILL MOYERS and CHRIS HEDGES)

We’ve written about the U.S. government’s unelected “Deep State” – the “shadow government” of financial/military/industrial players like the C.I.A., Wall Street banksters, the arms industry, the Pentagon, and beyond – since 2005. This term “Deep State,” first coined by spy… Continue Reading

“Need To Secede?”: The Reluctant Republic, the Breakdown of Secession, and a 2VR

The founding of a nation-state must decide where its powers belong. In a nation where the dichotomy of centralization and decentralization proponents exists it is confronted with black or white propositions that actually create shades of gray tugging on both… Continue Reading