“Bacon’s Utopia – Part 1” (OUR GEOENGINEERING AGE, PART 8)

Publisher’s Note: This is the eighth installment in our geoengineering series. Our skies are our most visible and vital global Commons, and they are under siege by powerful forces we are just beginning to understand. “Our Geoengineering Age” series tells the story of… Continue Reading

Vermont, Meet The Koreas (2VR @ The Olympics)

The Winter Olympics begin tomorrow in South Korea, and because Vermonters collectively kick ass @ Winter, we are sending more athletes per capita (nearly 30) to Pyeongchang than any of the other 50 states in the US of Empire. (Yes… Continue Reading

“There Is No Place Like My Home” – Miss Vermont 2017 (Interview With Erin Connor)

Publisher’s Note: Erin Connor, Miss Vermont 2017, is a University of Vermont alumna and Public Communications graduate of our Community Development and Applied Economics (CDAE) program. Here, she opens up about her work as Miss Vermont, her personal and professional… Continue Reading

Pentagon Announces US Empire Is “Collapsing” (Insurge Intelligence)

It’s official. The Pentagon announced this summer that the US Empire is “collapsing.” Their solution to this troublesome news? Surprise! “More surveillance, more propaganda (‘strategic manipulation of perceptions’) and more military expansionism.” The document above makes for eye-opening reading, taking… Continue Reading

Tribeworthy Launches “Crowd Contested” News Platform

  Publisher’s Note: We met the Tribeworthy team at the Project Censored 40th anniversary celebration last fall in California. Here’s a “deep dive” into their platform and their vision for blowing up “crowd contested” media – yet another examples of… Continue Reading