Free Mary Jane, Free Vermont – Cannabis Reform Advocates To Assemble At Statehouse on January 9 (Grassroots Networking)

Publisher’s Note: Vermont Independent has championed a legalized, regulated, taxed hemp and cannabis economy in the Green Mountains for several years now. Highlights: 1-Watch our recent Plan V-TV Episode 24 exploring legalizing cannabis here in the once and future Vermont… Continue Reading

Climate Is Heating Up In Vermont (GE/GLOBAL WARMING)

Since 1970, Burlington, Vermont has had the largest increase in average winter temperature across the nation. Burlington’s average has increased by 7°F in the past 47 years, slowing the onset of winter. Researchers have also recently examined how Vermont’s maple… Continue Reading

Chris Hedges Chronicles The US Empire’s Dystopic Collapse (SANCTUARY VIDEO)

Few US commentators provide as much dark wisdom as Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, who resigned from the NY Times after he was “reprimanded” for speaking out against the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Here’s Hedges at… Continue Reading

Burlington, Vermont Hosts Local Hemp and CBD Farmer’s Market (#CannabisConversations)

Visit sponsor Heady Vermont for complete information. See you there!

Cannabis Legalization For Vermont – Is 2018 The Year? (Plan V-TV/Episode 24)

Plan V-TV Episode 24 explores legalizing cannabis here in the once and future Vermont republic. Join us for a conversation with Heady Vermont co-founder Eli Harrington. Vermont commissioned RAND REPORT on Vermont legalization, as well as Vermont Independent‘s Top 10… Continue Reading

Vermont’s Public Forests: A Wake Up Call (OUR COMMONS)

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), the same agency dragging their feet on cleaning up Lake Champlain, is now brazenly planning to more than triple the logging of our public forests surrounding Vermont’s iconic Camel’s Hump mountain. Buried in… Continue Reading

Plan V-TV (23) – Geoengineering, Science and “Global Warming”

Join us in Los Angeles, California for a provocative interview with independent scientist/geophysicist Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. on geoengineering, science, the Deep State and the “fraud” surrounding the 30 year scientific consensus that human-produced CO2 emissions is the primary cause of… Continue Reading