Secede – From What? US of Empire and Plan ‘V” for a 2VR (INDY RADIO)

Always a pleasure yakking with Jim Hogue about Vermont independence on WGDR. Listen here. Free Vermont, and long live the UNtied States!

2nd Republic Whiskey! An Interview with Vermont’repreneur Kempton Randolph

Q. Talk about your homestead in Cabot, Vermont. You are quite the Vermont’repreneur. A. I run the kind of farm that used to form the backbone of our agricultural landscape and economy, a small-scale diversified family farm rooted in self-sufficiency… Continue Reading

RING OF FIRE: One Vermonter’s Lessons Learned in the Middle East

Q. Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran – what do these 7 countries have in common (other than the BAN)? A. The BOMB. The U.S. of Empire is “collapsing” them (or threatening to – Persia) through military occupation, carpet… Continue Reading

The Governor of Vermont Is An Idiot (FAKE NEWS)

Publisher’s Note: We didn’t author the title of this post. Veteran federal policy maker, journalist, and independent political critic Paul Craig Roberts did, and his column follows below. If we WERE to have authored the title of this post, the… Continue Reading

Elect Jake! An interview with Vermont House candidate Jake Sallerson

Publisher’s Note: We conducted this interview with Jake Sallerson in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. Q. You are a 27-year-old Vermont native who grew up here in the Mad River Valley.Why do you want to run for a HOUSE seat in… Continue Reading

Drilling in Vermont: On Psychodrama, “Crisis Acting,” and Our Zombie Nation

Let’s connect some dots here. First, take a close look at this recent Craig’s List post inviting “crisis actors” to apply for paid work here in Vermont at Camp Ethan Allen and Camp Johnson. Next, ask yourself what the hell… Continue Reading

Vermont Independence on the Vermont RADIO Airwaves

Thanks to WGDR radio host Jim Hogue for hosting us last week for a wide-ranging 90 minute conversation on the past, present, and future of Vermont independence. In addition, we discussed the U.S. as an imperial project, the Deep State,… Continue Reading