The Post (Truth) World: When “Freedom of the Press” Becomes Hollywood Propaganda (CELLULOID SECESSIONIST)

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” – A.J. Liebling, U.S. journalist For decades, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg has served as the feel-good Frank Capra of our time, polishing tarnished historical truths into shiny happy… Continue Reading

Plan ‘V’ – Fair Taxation For Our 2nd Vermont Republic

Publisher’s Note: Thanks to one astute Vermont neighbor who passed on this suggestion for more equitable taxation as part of our Plan ‘V’ vision for our 2VR. Please send on other ideas as we collect and edit these ideas our… Continue Reading

MLK DAY 2018: Would Martin Be A Secessionist In Today’s US of Empire?

Enjoy our Plan V-TV/28 interview with the Big Picture Theater’s Claudia Becker on her 15th annual MOUNTAINTOP MLK Day Film Festival, streamed on our brand-new Vermont Independent YOUTUBE channel. Speaking of the big picture… The most compelling political reality of… Continue Reading

Vermont Voices For Choice – The Pathological Optimist (FILM SCREENING)

  MONTPELIER, VT (November 28, 2017) – Voices for Choice, Vermont’s pro-informed consent advocacy group against mandatory vaccination, is sponsoring a GATHR screening of Miranda Bailey’s new film, “The Pathological Optimist”, next Monday in Montpelier. The Pathological Optimist is a documentary about… Continue Reading


Publisher’s Note: Vermonter Tim Matson is an author, photographer, natural pond designer, and supporter of a 2nd Vermont Republic (2VR). In this interview, he connects the dots between Netflix’s wildly popular “Stranger Things” series and “Project Montauk,” a secret Deep… Continue Reading

Wind River: Winter On The US Rez (FILM REVIEW)

“Wind River” is one of 2017’s most powerful films – unflinchingly intense and beautiful to behold, a poignant and provocative thriller that is equal parts murder mystery, social commentary, and melancholy meditation on family, love, and loss. Written and directed… Continue Reading