Plan ‘V’ – Fair Taxation For Our 2nd Vermont Republic

Publisher’s Note: Thanks to one astute Vermont neighbor who passed on this suggestion for more equitable taxation as part of our Plan ‘V’ vision for our 2VR. Please send on other ideas as we collect and edit these ideas our… Continue Reading

MLK DAY 2018: Would Martin Be A Secessionist In Today’s US of Empire?

Enjoy our Plan V-TV/28 interview with the Big Picture Theater’s Claudia Becker on her 15th annual MOUNTAINTOP MLK Day Film Festival, streamed on our brand-new Vermont Independent YOUTUBE channel. Speaking of the big picture… The most compelling political reality of… Continue Reading

Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America And The World (BOOK REVIEW)

“Fit to govern? No, not fit to live.” From The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act IV scene iii In my optimistic imagination, Dick Cheney shall live and die in infamy as a traitor, coward, war criminal and profiteer, liar, and enemy… Continue Reading

Savage Grace: Living Resiliently In The Dark Night Of The Globe (BOOK REVIEW)

Savage Grace sits on my nightstand warding off the 2 am fears about climate change, politics, the economy, religion, species extinction and mass shootings. On the cover of Savage Grace is Kali, the Hindu goddess of life and death, of… Continue Reading

CABIN TALK on a Vermont Public Bank, Election Integrity, and DR Griffin’s New Book (Claudia and Jim)

REAL Radio Free Vermont! (This ain’t no ‘fable,’ Mr. McKibben.) When the history of the Vermont independence effort is written, the citizen wisdom and courage of Jim Hogue and Claudia Stauber will be front and center in the story. In… Continue Reading

Vermont Voices For Choice – The Pathological Optimist (FILM SCREENING)

  MONTPELIER, VT (November 28, 2017) – Voices for Choice, Vermont’s pro-informed consent advocacy group against mandatory vaccination, is sponsoring a GATHR screening of Miranda Bailey’s new film, “The Pathological Optimist”, next Monday in Montpelier. The Pathological Optimist is a documentary about… Continue Reading

The Full Vermonty: Vermont In The Age Of Trump (BOOK REVIEW)

Jeezum Crow! Way to take a GREAT title – “The Full Vermonty” – and squander it. Look, we’re all for more gadfly’esque humor in these interesting times, and longtime Vermont author Bill Mares and cartoonist Jeff Danziger have excelled at bringing… Continue Reading