Get Involved!->Sign And Share Our 2VR Independence Petition, Donate To Our ‘Plan V’ Film Fundraiser, And Support Our Platform For A 2nd Vermont Republic (2VR)

Donate and share our PLAN ‘V’ film fundraiser here. Sign and share our 2VR petition here. Help us imagine and build a 2nd Vermont Republic. PLAN ‘V’ 1. FINANCE: Establishing a Vermont Public Bank or equivalent public financial mechanisms to promote… Continue Reading

“Cognitive Dissonance’stan” – Vermont Photographer David Garten on the New Cuba

Q. In your new exhibit, David, you refer to Cuba as a country that also could be referred to as “Cognitive Dissonance’stan.” Unpack this for us – what do you mean, exactly? A.  I love to unpack. It’s so much… Continue Reading

Vermonters For A New Economy – Events! (PUBLIC FINANCE)

Save the Dates! We have been making some real progress building a movement for a New Economy in Vermont, and this means it’s time for you to get to work if you want to be involved. Here are some important… Continue Reading

Renewable Energy Resilience: The Time Is Now, Vermont. (VPSB LETTER)

To The Vermont Public Service Board, The world faces a grave fossil-fuel energy crisis on three broad fronts: (1) Fossil fuels contribute massive amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases directly into the atmosphere, accelerating the global warming crisis. About… Continue Reading

Dunbar’s Number: Human Intimacy and the Future of Democracy (#SIZEDOESMATTER)

  The anthropologist Robin Dunbar proposed in the 1990s, in light of studies of primate and human kinship societies, that the number of sustained personal relationships most people can entertain is around 150—the so-called “Dunbar’s Number.” One can recognize a… Continue Reading

Yes California! Golden State Citizens Builds Peaceable Secession Movement In The Former Bear Flag Republic (#Calexit)

Publisher’s Note: This new Washington Post article is a fascinating look at the “Yes California” peaceable secession movement. Prior to Trump’s election, the US imperial corporate commercial “news” media wrote off the peaceable secession impulse as a fanatical right-wing fringe… Continue Reading

ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION: US Imperial Election Fraud Is A Bi-Partisan Affair, And Vermont Has The Solution. (HARPER’S LETTER)

To the HARPER’S editors: Kudos to HARPER’S magazine EASY CHAIR’s Rebecca Solnit (March 2017 – “Tyranny of the Minority”) for her insightful framing of democracy’s history and voter fraud from the right. We’d offer two additional insights from the Green Mountains… Continue Reading

Vermont Senate Committee Advances Bill NULLIFYING Federal Law Within Vermont Borders (NULLIFICATION)

Publisher’s note: Good to see Vermont’s elected representatives of all three parties united in this effort. A  bill crafted in response to executive orders signed by President Donald Trump on immigration is expected to be on the Senate floor next… Continue Reading

US versus Fake News + The Deep State – Are We Ready To Go, Vermont? (CLUSTERFUCK NATION)

Publisher’s note: This past week, mainstream so-called liberal news outlets – NPR, The Nation, and the New York Times among them – have suddenly discovered the “Deep State” in our midst. The term seems to be surfacing everywhere. Here’s Clusterfuck… Continue Reading