Why Zombie?: An Examination of the Zombie in Popular Culture and Ideology


There’s nothing particularly poignant or romantic about a zombie or even the zombie-killer – certainly not to the degree that typifies the villains and heroes of vampire and werewolf stories. It doesn’t take a Van Helsing-like expert on the supernatural or any sort of specialist to dispatch a zombie. Generally a hick cop with a chainsaw will do. So what is the appeal? Continue Reading

GMO Labeling in Vermont: Retailer Experience, Data Dispute Cost Concerns

While many large media outlets have described Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling initiative as a “controversial” move, independent research indicates that no fewer than 64 countries containing over 40% of the world’s population have been labeling genetically modified foods for over… Continue Reading

Fish, On: Seeking Vermont’s Mysterious Brook Trout

Everything is calm and quiet in the back wood mountain streams of Stowe, Vermont. The wind cannot reach inside the valley, so the only noise made is the sound of the brook flowing over the rocks, and small waterfalls. The… Continue Reading