In the typical Western, the savages are from some amorphous Native tribe or perhaps an outlaw gang. In Night of the Living Dead whooping Indians and swaggering desperados are replaced by groaning monsters in the form of a priest and several working-class people still wearing their work uniforms. A critical difference between the zombie genre and the Western genre, however, is the way in which government – the culmination of human endeavor – is portrayed. Continue Reading

Drilling in Vermont: On Psychodrama, “Crisis Acting,” and Our Zombie Nation

Let’s connect some dots here. First, take a close look at this recent Craig’s List post inviting “crisis actors” to apply for paid work here in Vermont at Camp Ethan Allen and Camp Johnson. Next, ask yourself what the hell… Continue Reading

S is for “Sheepdog,” and Democracy Is Bern’ing.

Let’s be honest. We all knew Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign would come to this. And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter either way, as we published last November. S is for Sheepdog. Free Vermont!

From “Brexit” to “Vexit” – The Twin Myths of Cosmopolitanism and Efficiency, from an Independent Vermont

Thanks to THE ATLANTIC and POLITICO for reporting on Plan V – our blueprints for a 2nd Vermont Republic – in the wake of the Brexit. Indeed, a “Vexit” is an idea we’ve been championing since 2004, and unlike some… Continue Reading