MLK DAY 2017: Would Martin Be A Secessionist In Today’s America?

As Barack Obama, the United States’ first African-American president, prepares to turn over the White House to Donald Trump, this year’s MLK Day has special significance for all Americans. During the past eight years, President Obama continued the same imperial… Continue Reading


In 1777, Vermonters established Vermont as an independent and sovereign republic – “the only state of 50 that self-constituted itself as an independent republic,” according to constitutional historian Peter S. Onuf. The 1Vr (1st Vermont Republic) existed from 1777 –… Continue Reading

Plan V: A 2017 Vermont Interdependence Program

In honor of January 2017 – Vermont Independence Month (as declared by the Vermont State Legislature) AND the 240th anniversary of the 1777 founding of the 1st Vermont Republic – we are calling on all Vermonters of good will to… Continue Reading

Fascism, Neoliberalism, and the U.S. “Deep State”–>Hiding In Plain Sight (BILL MOYERS and CHRIS HEDGES)

We’ve written about the U.S. government’s unelected “Deep State” – the “shadow government” of financial/military/industrial players like the C.I.A., Wall Street banksters, the arms industry, the Pentagon, and beyond – since 2005. This term “Deep State,” first coined by spy… Continue Reading

Sand, Sun, And Secession: Will Catalonia try to secede from Spain this year? (BBC)

80% of Catalonia voters support nonviolent secession and independence from Spain. If the stand-off between the Spanish state and the north-eastern region of Catalonia has been intense for the past five years, 2017 looks set to be explosive. Catalan leader… Continue Reading

If at First You Don’t Secede: Trump Could Revitalize Vermont Movement (SEVEN DAYS)

Watch our full interview – uncut and uninterrupted – with SEVEN DAYS feature journalist Kevin Kelley on Plan V-TV – now streaming weekly via Vermont VMX on the CC-TV network. Vermont got a taste of independence between 1777 and 1791,… Continue Reading

The Governor of Vermont Is An Idiot (FAKE NEWS)

Publisher’s Note: We didn’t author the title of this post. Veteran federal policy maker, journalist, and independent political critic Paul Craig Roberts did, and his column follows below. If we WERE to have authored the title of this post, the… Continue Reading