#CALEXIT: YES California Independence Campaign Hires New President (XINHUA NEWS)

Publisher’s note: While the US media maintains a virtual blackout on emerging state secession conversations around North America, international news outlets are taking more notice. Witness this feature story from the People’s Republic of China’s Xinhua News Agency on #Calexit.… Continue Reading

#BlackLivesMatter in Vermont-“Raise A Flag Of Revolution” (UVM DOC)

In the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, our VI-supported LA-based comedic news man Jimmy Dore and his progressive colleague Tim Black break down “What People Are Missing About The Charlottesville Protest.” (Hint: Donald Trump did not invent racism in the US).… Continue Reading

Vermont’s Green Mountain Power Moves Towards Decentralized Energy Grid (New York Times)

We don’t often quote or promote the New York Times, one of the U.S. Empire’s daily propa-newspapers of record, but this feature story in the July 29, 2017 Sunday Times exploring the work of Green Mountain Power is worth a… Continue Reading

“The Geoengineering Prospect – Full Spectrum Dominance.” (Our Geoengineering Age, Part 7)

Publisher’s Note: This is the seventh installment in our geoengineering series. Our skies are our most visible and vital global Commons, and they are under siege by powerful forces we are just beginning to understand. Our Geoengineering Age series tells the… Continue Reading

Pentagon “Preemptive Strike” Plan For North Korea (FIRE AND FURY, REDUX)

Breaking news. The Pentagon has dusted off plan to attack North Korea using bombers from Guam. The Pentagon has a detailed plan for a military strike on North Korea, dispatching heavy bombers from Guam — the fortified U.S. territory that… Continue Reading

Ethan Allen – In His Own Words (CCTV + Jim Hogue)

Thanks to the indefatigable Jim Hogue and our friends at CCTV for presenting this Ethan Allen Homestead presentation “Ethan Allen – In His Own Words.” Enjoy. Free Vermont, and long live the UNtied States!

The “Secession Impulse” Is Alive and Well in US Cities and States (KIRKPATRICK SALE)

Publisher’s Note: Kirkpatrick Sale is our preeminent thinker on decentralism, and the founder of the Middlebury Institute, which organized in Middlebury, Vermont in November 2004. In this new OP/ED, he connects the dots on progressively-minded cities and states defying federal… Continue Reading