Project Censored 2017: News You Can Use

Throughout its 40-year history, Project Censored has covered a lot of ground that the corporate mainstream media has missed. Begun by Carl Jensen, a sociology professor at California’s Sonoma State University shortly after Watergate in 1976, it’s become an endeavor… Continue Reading

Vax’ing Eloquent: Vermonters Put The MMR Vaccine Under The Microscope

NOTE: Visit for detailed information and tickets re: “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe” at 9 screenings around the once-and-future Republic of Vermont. Drop the phrase “vaccine choice” into casual conversation at a week-end cocktail party, and guaranteed sparks will… Continue Reading

Rebecca Hougher On Sovereignty, Secession and Independence

Join WGDR radio’s Jim Hogue for a provocative interview with Rebecca Hougher exploring personal sovereignty, state secession, and independence.

2VR welcomes #DAPL Resistance’s First Midwife’ed Baby!

The 2nd Vermont Republic stands with our indigenous Dakota friends and neighbors, and all those who continue gathering in North Dakota in peaceful opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline Project, water and earth protectors who are courageously challenging Big Oil’s… Continue Reading

Vermont Burning: The Future of Biomass Energy

Vermont’s 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) aims for a statewide transition to ninety percent renewable energy by 2050 while “virtually eliminating reliance on oil.” To help reach these goals, the state seeks to cut energy consumption by fifteen percent by… Continue Reading

“Need To Secede?”: The Reluctant Republic, the Breakdown of Secession, and a 2VR

The founding of a nation-state must decide where its powers belong. In a nation where the dichotomy of centralization and decentralization proponents exists it is confronted with black or white propositions that actually create shades of gray tugging on both… Continue Reading

The Arab Spring, 5 Years Later: Lessons for a 2nd Vermont Republic?

Publisher’s Note: Thanks to our media friends at TowardFreedom for this book review. Reviewed: The Death of the Arab Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution, by Vijay Prashad, University of California Press, 2016. 2011 seems like a long… Continue Reading

Vermont Declares Annual October 2nd Monday “Indigenous People’s Day”

Baby steps – here in the once and future Republic of Vermont. Read Governor Shumlin’s official proclamation here.