The Thought Revolution: Beyond Pavlovian Thinking and “Conspiracy Theories”

Publisher’s Note: We are pleased to welcome Vermonter Chris Pratt, the “Reluctant Activist,” to our masthead. Look for regular features by the Reluctant Activist in the months ahead. Free Vermont, and long live the UNtied States! The term “conspiracy theories”… Continue Reading

The Vanishing Vermonter: The Loss of a Rural Culture

Publisher’s note: This commentary is by Peter Miller, who is a photographer and author who recently published “A Lifetime of Vermont People,” a collection of photos and stories on rural Vermonters created over the past 63 years. He is 82… Continue Reading

“#Texit” Update: 3 of 5 Trump-Friendly “Lone Star” Republicans Call For Secession (TIME Poll)

As we in the 2nd Vermont Republic like to joke, Texans are secessionists for all the wrong reasons. However! Here’s the majority opinion “money shot” from this TIME magazine poll: “Texans hold an unfavorable opinion of both candidates overall. 59%… Continue Reading

#FeelTheBern(?!): Did Vermont’s Bernie Sanders Actually Win The 2016 Democratic Primary?

And why have we not heard a PEEP from the Sanders campaign, given ElectionJusticeUSA’s new 100 page report compiling evidence of massive election fraud during the 2016 Democratic primaries, as well as the 20,000 leaked emails Wikileaks publicized last month providing… Continue Reading